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Do you know anybody who doesn’t like s’mores? I sure don’t. Here’s a quick and easy recipe for these campfire favorites that I know you’ll love.


4 graham crackers
4 marshmallows
2 milk chocolate bars
1 tablespoon of butter (you can substitute cooking spray)


Butter a 10 in square of aluminum foil. Break the graham crackers in half and arrange one half of each on the foil. Top each square with half of a milk chocolate bar, then a marshmallow, add finish off with the second half of the graham cracker. Grill the s’mores on the foil, on the grill rack directly over low heat until the chocolate is melted and the marshmallows are lightly puffed and toasted. My god these are yummy!

Here are a few ideas to change these up a little.

1. Use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate or add a teaspoon of your favorite jam.

2. Spread 2 teaspoons of peanut butter on the square before adding the chocolate and marshmallow.

3. Substitute 2 teaspoons of chocolate-hazelnut spread (Nutella) for the milk chocolate bar.

Personally I like them the good old fashioned way but some of these alternates may float your boat. If you need a camping tent or other camping gear, please check out Camping Gear Stop and for your wicker picnic baskets and other picnic supplies we suggest Picnic Baskets and More.


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